A Wall is a Screen transforms facades and other structures into screens, creating an original, thought-provoking, and at the same time always entertaining new look at one's own city. Supposedly familiar places literally appear in a new light and each film communicates with its surroundings and vice versa. The audience follows the projection team from wall to wall and thus from film to film, becoming protagonists themselves. Only the starting point is known in advance, the films and other locations are a surprise.

A Wall is a Screen has been presenting its unique mixture of city tours and site-specific short film programs since 2003. The founding idea of A Wall is a Screen was to counter the increasingly purely commercial use and privatization of inner-city spaces with an artistic use as an activist intervention. Free of charge, non-commercial and open to all.

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Over the past 20 years, the project has evolved from political street art to carefully curated, site-specific film screenings with a wide variety of themes, such as historical tours, and also offers a range of side activities such as workshops or special children and family-friendly events. In addition, the original format has since evolved into tours by bike or even by boat. The Hamburg-based collective has presented its short film tours at film festivals and in collaboration with cultural institutions around the world with more than 350 events to date.