A Wall is a Screen: Hamburg, July 27th

Celebrating the 27th anniversary of the International Queer Film Festival


A Wall is a Screen during the 35th Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

June 7th in Hamburg-Diebsteich


A Wall is a Screen by Bike and Tour at the Kurzfillm Festival Hamburg

On May 24th we cycle through the Hamburg Harbour


Starting the 2019 A Wall is a Screen in March (Kopie 1)

Regensburg and Ingolstadt in Germany coming up next


Two Tours at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival in Sweden

Regular tour on Friday Oct. 26th and a children's tour on Saturday Oct 27th.


Upcoming tours in October

Osnabrück and Kiel in Germany / Uppsala Sweden


A Wall is a Screen: Marseille

In cooperation with the Goethe Institut Marseille on Sept. 28th


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